Cigar Boxes for Sale

Cigar boxes for sale. $2 for wood, $1 for paper covered cardboard.
We picked up four of these. But what are we going to use them for???
 Use them to make art.
• Use one as a catch-all for change in your entryway.
• Use them to hold recipes.
• Stack a set on a shelf and use them to sort office supplies.
• They make great reusable gift boxes.
• Keep your receipts inside one.
• Use a long cigar box to hide remotes on the coffee table.
• Hide pens and pencils on a desk.
• Stow your phone charger or other cords.
• Use several sets to store a photo collection.


Randy said…
Great shot. These do make for some great craft projects.
Jacob said…
My goodness! They were so inexpensive!!! I've seen them in antique shops for big bucks!

I love the things! Still use several around here to do just what you suggest in your post.
Birdman said…
... only in America! Good Grief... let me smoke a good cigar and get over my love of the boxes. hahaha!
cieldequimper said…
I have a few too from my grandparents and I do have allsorts of stuff in them!
Eleanor said…
I'm sure find a good use for your cigar boxes, but any of the suggested uses are pretty good.
Alain Alexandre said…
The cabinet or the colors are still subtle

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