Express Yourself

The first thing I thought was "I have to get a picture of this." The second was "what kind of paint did they use?" Seriously. This took a lot of work. I can only guess that this vehicle is owned by one of the students in the art program at CSU. Did they just wake up one day and say "I'm going to paint my car" and use up all of their paint supply. Acrylics or oils? Primer? Sealant? I guess we will never know.
Happy Sunday!


Jacob said…
I've often asked the same questions...and I don't know enough about automobile paint to have a clue...

But, maybe it's a wrap? Like they do with work trucks and buses...

You think?

It's really quite creative and good-looking. Whoever designed it did a good job.
Randy said…
Nice paint job. We have something similar in town. I asked why they did it and they said that "no one will want to steal that, would you?"
L.D. said…
A true art car!I always wonder what possesses people to wake up and decide to turn their car into a landscape. Or a bee, or a shoe. I guess I love that they do it (even though I's be too chicken)

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