The Flood of the Century

In 1994, the Flint River got a little feisty and flooded Montezuma, GA.
A levee failed near Macon, GA and 500 people had to be evacuated from their homes.
TOM is giving us  little perspective on the depth of the water; comes right to about his chin. 


Steffe said…
That is hard to imagine!
Randy said…
Wow that was some flood. Lets hope it never happens again. Nice photo.
Jacob said…
Good grief! I hate floods. They're so unforgiving and damaging!

Nice photo of your handsome husband!
Julie said…
I'll hitch a ride for a while. Barbara. We have floods here in Australia at the moment. Not nice, not nice.
greg urbano said…
i m bookmarking your site because i lived at fort benning in the 70's, look forward to rediscovering that area through your blog

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