The Flowers Building - Now and Then

The Flowers Building formerly the Masonic Lodge of Columbus
On the corner of 1st Avenue and 12th Street
It hasn't changed much. Business space occupies the ground-level with condos on the upper floors. 


Jacob said…
I'm really surprised at how little it has changed. Interesting post, and great pictures!
Randy said…
Nice post. Bet the condos are great!
L.D. said…
Ooh neat. I think you posted one of these "then and now" photo series before. The older I get the more I love the work and detail of these old beautiful structures!
Virginia said…
I'm glad you've expanded your "territory"! I lived and taught in Columbus for one year after Auburn. IT's a pretty little town. If you're ever in B'ham let me know.
I'd love to go shoot with you!
Birdman said…
A Classic! Thanks for the early and late shots. Not much has changed.

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