Leaves in the Sidewalk

It was a beautiful day in Valley yesterday so I took a short photo safari when I got off of work. I tend not to look down at the sidewak, but when I did I saw these leaves forever in the concrete. 
Hope you had a wonderful Saturday and I'll see you tomorrow. 


Randy said…
I reminds of the sidewalk where I walk everyday including today. I just love this photo.
Jacob said…
Good morning, Barb. That's very interesting...I wonder if they were actually put there or just happened to blow in while the concrete was drying.

At our Sholom Park, they have walkways in which "they" deliberately planted leaves when they made them. Pretty cool.
cieldequimper said…
Isn't it great when you suddenly see things like this? :-)
Birdman said…
Love this modern day fossilized look.

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