Let it Snow

Winter weather has hit the southern US full force. Some areas of North Georgia had has as much as 8 inches of snow. Not sure how much fell in Alabama. In our area, we had mostly freezing rain and we woke up to about an inch of slush on the road. Because the company that I work for is a 24/7/365 operation we are expected to make our way to work by a reasonable hour depending on the roads.
Because the company that runs our cafeteria and company store told their employees to stay home today, my company had lunch delivered for us from Country's Bar B Q. 
Tomorrow--business as usual. Apparently, the storm is leaving our area.


Randy said…
Nice shot and it's sounds like you had a great lunch.
Randy said…
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cieldequimper said…
Love this! Nice that the company ordered you lunch. I think mine would have left us on a water diet.
Jacob said…
Strange weather all around. We won't get any precipitation but it's gonna be cold again for a few days. Hate it!

Sounds like a few folks got their signals mixed, but nice that you got lunch delivered!

Drive carefully!

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