Nature Trail @ Idle Hour Park

It was a beautiful day on Saturday and we headed over to Idle Hour Park to get some fresh air and exercise. 
Idle Hour Park has two trails, the nature trail and the lake loop. This is the beginning of the nature trail.
Each trail is roughly a mile in length and on this day both were well used. You can bring your dog with you on the nature trail, but he's not allowed on the lake loop. They must have had a problem in the past with people not cleaning up after the dogs. However, the geese and ducks leave evidence of the their passing all over the place. Seriously, it's like running a an obstacle course. 


Jacob said…
What a gorgeous place to spend a few hours. We've got something like it at Silver Springs State Park. Great fun. I remember the Canadian geese at Excelsior Park in Minneapolis...they made such a mess, you could barely walk within 100 yards of the water!

This is a lovely shot, Barb. I especially like the shadows falling across the path!
Virginia said…
This reminds me of my walking trail in Mt. Brook. I love the 3 mile trek. I've had heel problems and not been there for several months. Hopefully soon!
Randy said…
What a wonderful place for some peaceful time. I love it.
cieldequimper said…
Lol, still better than trash though. And what a lovely photo!
L.D. said…
The sort of photo that makes you glad to be alive

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