Pecan Orchard

Near Montezuma, GA
Things you can make with pecans:
Pie, pralines, butter pecan sauce, honey roasted pecans, pecan butter, 
pecan nut flour, pecan shortbread, toffee, salad dressing. 
Pecans are a good source of oleic acid, a fatty acid that can have a positive effect on your total blood cholesterol. The phytochemicals may help fight some cancers and are a good snack for diabetics on lowfat diets. So what are you waiting for? Go Get a handful of pecans. 


Jacob said…
I love pecans. We had a pecan tree in our backyard way back when we lived in Dallas! The trouble is I have a hard time stopping with just a handful! :-)

I like your Chattahoochee Valley Daily Photo...makes a lot of sense...

I should probably do something like that by combining Ocala, Stone Creek, The Villages and Cedar Key...
Jacob said…
Re your question on Cedar Key...I think they were probably watching the band in the gazebo...
Randy said…
I love them in trail mix! I'll bet this is beautiful in the Spring.
Anonymous said…
We used to have a friend who lived in Columbus, GA and he had a pecan plantation, of sorts, and once each year sent us a bag of pecans, shelled and ready to eat. This is a neat shot and reminded me of him.
Pralines indeed! Love them. Not alone to make them when it's just me in the house or I eat them all.
Lynette said…
Great photo. Reminds me of driving through the country in parts of Mississippi.

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