Sunday Morning Breakfast

A splurge for breakfast. Chocolate chip pancakes with whip cream. 
This shot is a bit blurry because in my excitement to eat this masterpiece I clicked the shutter too quickly.


Jacob said…
That's breakfast????? Holy moly!

All these years I've been told breakfast was cold cereal and dry toast!!!

I'm gonna talk to somebody about this!

Yummy. I would have dropped the camera right in the middle of the whipped cream!

Thanks, Barb, for your very kind comments! Glad you like Florida Fanfare...I think I'm gonna have fun with that 'cause there is always lots of crazy things and crazy people doing crazy things here in Florida!

Have a great week!
cieldequimper said…
I've only just had cereal and yoghurt. That's mean!!!!
Birdman said…
I could see why! mmmmmmmm

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