Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Toomers Corner

We headed to Toomers Corner in Auburn, AL over the weekend.
Toomers Corner is adjacent to the main gate of Auburn University and was named for State Senator and businessman Sheldon Toomer (he founded the Bank of Auburn in 1907). Auburn students traditionally gather at this location to celebrate the Auburn spirit by throwing rolls of toilet paper into the old oak trees. Most recently, the students et al, celebrated the BCS National Championship win for the university.
By the time we arrived on Saturday, most of the toilet paper had been removed and they were working on cleaning up the rest. On Tuesday, you could not see the trees through the toilet paper. 
None of the trees along College Street were left free of paper during this particular celebration. 
If you are looking to get energized, this is the spot. The energy in this location is palpable. 
100 years of positive energy is stored in this location waiting to be shared.


Steffe said...

A fine tradition!

Birdman said...

As long as it's clean!

Jacob said...

Yikes! I've not seen this before. Other than in a more modest form during Halloween.

Great shots of a funny tradition!

Re your comment on the redneck, that kind of vehicle is not illegal - in this area, they use them in the national south Florida they use them in the Everglades...

Randy said...

Now that's different. I wouldn't want to be the one to clean it up.

cieldequimper said...

I thought it was snow from the thumbnail. That must be terrible to clean up!

bfarr said...

All - clean up is accomplished with power washers. Paper that was not vaporized by the water is shoveled up.