Today CVDP is two years old and I picked the shot of this beautiful mansion because it looks like a birthday cake. I do not know the style of architecture, but this grand dame on 3rd Avenue has been used as a funeral home and an antique shop. Currently, she is a pediatric clinic. I wish I was a kid so I could go to the Dr.
There is a stone with the name Blackmor at just about the point on which I am standing. I did a little research, but was not able to find out any information about the original owners.


Jacob said…
That is just plain magnificent. It must be one heck of a big clinic because it looks like there is beaucoup space in there!

I can see it as a funeral home...I've seen others that look like this and they would drive the hearses along the side under the covered portico...

Lovely photo, Barb!
Eleanor said…
Congrats on your anniversary! Nice birthday cake.
Randy said…
Congratulations on your second year! This is the grandest Dr's office I have every seen.
L.D. said…
Birthday cake! How true -- never thought of that. My first impression is always Gone With the Wind
cieldequimper said…
Happy birthday to yoooooou!!!:-)
This is just plain gorgeous, where are the candles?!
Hilda said…
It is gorgeous! I would turn it into an events place for parties. Perfect for today's occasion. :)

Happy, happy blog birthday, Barb!

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