The Lion House

With a matching mailbox.
AKA the Cargill House
Two-story stuccoed brick house with a raised basement featuring a two-story portico supported by six Tower-of-Winds Corinthian columns. The elaborate entrance with balcony above leads to an interior curved stairway. Corinthian Tower-of-Winds screen columns divide the hall. A trucated pyramidal roof converges to a small deck. The house is reported to have been damaged by a tornado or earthquake. The balcony has either been restored or was an addition to the original structure. The house was built by Thomas Hoxey and designed by Stephen Decatur Button of Philadelphia. It was completed in the 1860s by the Allen Family.
This information comes from the Digital Library of Georgia.


cieldequimper said…
A beauty. And that mailbox is the cherry on the cake!
Hilda said…
I love the matching mailbox!!

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