Jump Tower - Now and Then

This is the jump towers as they stand now at Fort Benning. The towers, of which there are three and the third is out of the frame on the right, were originally built for the 1939 World's Fair in New York. Originally, each tower had 8 arms that pulled riders up into the sky and then dropped them back to the ground. The U.S. Army thought the towers would be a great training tool for Airborne soldiers and bought them all. When the towers were reconstructed at Fort Benning, they were made taller and a decision was made to use only four of the arms...for safety.
I was recently reading an issue of Smithsonian and I found the bottom shot taken in 1942 by Weegee (aka Usher [Arthur] Fellig. Weegee's shot is titled "Coney Island at Noon Saturday, July 5, 1942.


gregory urbano said…
Beleive it or not I encountered those towers during two different periods in my own life, first while attending Faith Jr. High while my dad was stationed at Ft. Benning in the 1970's. Second, with the best view possible while attending jump school as part of my own Army training in 1984!
I dunno...scary. I could never be a jumper! Yikes. I don't like to stand on a chair!

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