Macon County Courthouse, Tuskegee, AL

Macon County Courthouse, Tuskegee, AL
Macon county was established by the Alabama legislature in 1832 on land formerly owned by the Creek Indians. In the 1950's as a result of civil rights hysteria, the legislature tried to abolish the county. The citizens of Alabama approved amendment 132 of the Alabama Constitution to appoint a committee to determine whether to abolish the county or reduce its size. This amendment was on the books until it was repealed in 1982. The courthouse was built in 1906 at a cost of $42,000 by G.W. Golucke and Company of Atlanta, GA. This is the only courthouse in Alabama with gargoyles on each corner of the clock tower. The are a composite of an eagle and a dragon and are carved in granite. 
As I mentioned in an earlier post, Tuskegee in the birthplace of Rosa Parks and Lionel Ritchie.


cieldequimper said…
Very impressive.

In typical 'me' fashion, I am now wondering if Macon has anything to do with Mâcon in France...
That is quite a magnificent building - at least from the outside. Fascinating historical commmentary, too. Thanks!
L.D. said…
I'm a sucker for gargoyles

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