It's Been Two Weeks

And I am not even posting a shot of home. This is actually a shot in Toronto. My companions and I were trekking from the Yorkville area to Chinatown for dinner. I was really intrigued by glass building on the left. We are heading to Florida tomorrow for my son's wedding next weekend. I will see you sometime in May. 


Paula said…
I sounds like your plate is full, I hope you have a great time in Florida.
From Toronto to Florida. Funny. Most of the folks from Toronto still in Florida are heading home.

That is a fascinating building! Toronto is a beautiful city!

You're going to have a great time in Florida! Where's the wedding going to be held?
I love street shots!
Rob said…
Love the street scene. The weather here has my utterly uninspired - weeks of older posts. Safe travels!

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