This Little Bird . . .

Flew into one of our windows...I think and sits stunned on the table. 
Cricket went to see if she was all right. A few minutes later, she flew off. 
Hope she's OK.
Guest Phtog: tom


Our Haley is sort of like that, too...very gentle and kind. Except when we visited out youngest daughter and Haley saw her new little chickens. Being a Golden Retriever she went bananas trying to get those chicks!

I'm sure if the bird could fly away it will be fine. It's rather sad that thousands of birds die every year from flying into windows.
Wow! Good catch. Be careful little bird!
Randy said…
Love the theater in the last shot but this one is just fabulous!
cieldequimper said…
That's sweet. I'm sure it's fine.
Sharon said…
This photo is so sweet!

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