Columbus Museum and the Civil War

Interested in the Civil War? Check out the new exhibit at the museum.


Paula said…
I hope you show us some of it, it's a favorite subject of mine.
Hilda said…
Not particularly, thanks. But I do love their announcement board and the skeletal horse (?) sculpture off on the side.
cieldequimper said…
I wish I could!

Hope everything went well!
I'd love to visit this museum.... even if it is virtually with you! Glad you are back.
Jacob said…
Glad that you're back, Barb! Hope you've had a good time. This museum would be of great interest to me, seeing as how I taught American history for a number of years...maybe some day I'll get a chance to visit!

Hope all is well!
we have had exibits here in Mississippi... and quite a few discussing the reasons for secession... it is interesting that it was so long ago, and we haven't gone as far as we should've.

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