The Wedding Cake

Bear with me as I share our cake with you. It was delicious and we had a lot left over. Because we had no room in the car to bring it back we left it at the beach house for the cleaning crew. I hope they ate it. And if they didn't, at least it wasn't me that threw it in the trash. The top layer was white, the center layer was chocolate, and the bottom layer was marble. I know not real creative in the flavor department, but no one had a better flavor suggestion. The shells are made of white chocolate
And besides, my stock of Chattahoochee Valley is a bit slim. 


Jacob said…
You are so funny! Nothing wrong with posting a wedding cake and it's quite beautiful and I would guess fit into the scheme of things very well. I would probably have liked the white chocolate shells the best!

So, how went the wedding?
very beautiful cake!
Paula said…
Were you anywhere near me? Tell me it ain't so! I would have gladly taken the rest of the cake. Yummy!

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