Bridge Update

I finally got some more information about the Urban White Water Project. 
* The run will be 2.5 miles in length
* The estimated low flow of the rapids will be 800 cubic feet per second (from what I understand, this is a pretty good flow for rafting and kayaking)
* The project will breach two dams, City Mills (built in 1907) and Eagle and Phenix (built in 1868)
* The deconstruction of Eagle and Phenix dam will begin this fall and be complete by Spring 2012
* The deconstruction of City Mills dam will begin in 2012, completed Spring 2013
* The dams will be taken apart piece by piece and they are expecting to find some interesting things in the river: cannon balls from the Civil War, maybe old slot machines from PC gangsta days, or even some concrete booties?
* 50% of the funds came from private donations. The rest of the money is coming the Phenix City and Columbus and from federal grants.
* This run will have four rapids, with the final set at Coweta Falls being rated as class IV
Here's a link to the Greenwood Project video:


Grant said…
that is cool. return nature to its home turf.
Hilda said…
I recently watch NGS channel's Dam Breakers and it was absolutely fascinating! This sounds like a huge project, and it would be fantastic to see the river again after a couple of years.
Jacob said…
This is a very exciting project. I hope you're around when they start hauling stuff out of the river!

Love this photo! The reflections are great - reality just sort of flows into a reflection of itself!
cieldequimper said…
Will be waiting for the next information!

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