Friday, June 10, 2011

Cleaning Crew on the River Walk

This is a shot of the Riverwalk from the 2nd floor of our corporate campus.
On this day, they had the work crews from the city jail on the job cleaning up. 
In the left background you can make out City Mills dam. 
This is one of two dams that will be breached for the urban white water run as 
they return the Chattahoochee River to a more natural flow. 


Jacob said...

A lovely shot, Barb. I do love that river walk ... is it only for walkers or can one ride bike also?

Rambling Round said...

What a great view you have! Glad they are keeping the riverwalk clean.

Greensboro Daily Photo said...

Wow! learning so much over the last few days. The Civil War Women's Riot was extremely interesting. Love the posts that share a moment in history!

Jacob said...

Thanks for the info, Barb. 20 miles is wonderful. We would use that a lot if we lived there. When Lois was training for her marathons, at the end of the training, she'd run 20 miles once a week and I'd follow on the bike. This would be a perfect place to do that!

Rachel said...

Oh, that looks like a fun place to go to be by the water. Do they allow rafting there?

cieldequimper said...

This is a marvellous place for a long walk!