Saturday, June 18, 2011

Flower Power

"You shall not pollute the land where you live."
Mural near St. Luke school and day care. This newly painted wall hides an electrical box. 
Bottle caps were reused as the flower centers and to add texture. 


Julie said...

This is the way to add life and colour to an otherwise bland wall. And appropriate too seeing it is close to a day-care facility. I like the thought of the added texture using bottle tops. Very creative.

Thank you for your visit to my place.

Jacob said...

I like! It would be nice to send this to our top corporate polluters who are destroying out environment. I just read thousands more acres of public lands in the west are being opened for coal mining and most of the coal is to be sent to Asia!

Eleanor said...

Wow! This takes me right back to 1970, the 'Age of Aquarius', and love beeds.

Eleanor said...