One Really Big Lady Bug

She's not real of course : )
I found this in the garden of the Farmhouse Restaurant in Harris County, GA.
We went out there for lunch on Friday. As a general rule, I don't eat a lot of 
Southern Home Cookin'. It tends to be heavy on a lot things that aren't good for you. 
However, I must say the Chicken and Dumplings, Potato Salad, and Frozen Cranberry Salad
hit just the right note for my palette. Portions were of the appropriate size and all were delicious.
If you are ever in the neighborhood. I highly recommend you stop in for a meal, with a 
little shopping on the side. 


cieldequimper said…
Cute! If you turn it upside down it's a smiling face!
Jacob said…
It's so nice when you can find a place that serves really good food that is a pleasure to eat.

Love the ladybug, too!

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