Friday, July 15, 2011

Daily Ticket $5

For $5 you can get a one day driving pass for Daytona Beach. 
We have always heard about the races on the beach, both motorcycle and auto, and figured we needed to check it out; the beach, not the races. TOM wanted to dangle his tootsies in the Atlantic so we coughed up the $5 and went for it. You can actually drive quite a few miles on the beach. They have 'lanes' and also restricted areas where no driving is allowed for families and such. Because we were on our way home, we went in one gate and drove as far as we could and went out another gate. I was surprised at how hard packed the sand is. I even saw people with bicycles. After a couple of photos and sandy feet we continued our journey home. 
Sorry Ciel, but the devil made us do it : )


Birdman said...

The ocean should be FREE all day, all the time. For shame!

cieldequimper said...

Lol... No wonder the sand is hard packed...