The Final Flight

We just returned from the Space Coast of Florida. We went to watch the launch of the final space shuttle mission, STS-135 Atlantis. Apparently a million people showed up for the 30 second show (because of cloud cover, she disappeared into the clouds). We headed to Jetty Park at Port Canaveral at 3:00 in the morning (we had a one hour drive). Believe me, you could not get a hotel room any closer and if you did find one, the rate was more than likely 5x the normal rate. In the parking area, there were cars from every state. About the only ones I did not see were Alaska and Hawaii. The atmosphere was party-like; people were camping, flying kites, swimming, having picnics, playing games, and just relaxing. We tried to take a nap, but the car alarms kept going off.
After the launch, we waited an hour for traffic to clear. It still took us an hour to drive 13 miles to I-95 so we could get back to our hotel in Deltano. It was a great experience and tears were shed by all who attended. The weather gods were on our side and kept the storms at bay long enough so NASA would not have to delay the launch for the day. Some attendees were prepared to stay as long as it took. Others had to leave on Saturday or Sunday which would cause them to  miss the launch if there was a delay. I had never been to a launch and am glad that TOM and I were able to attend. We even took Chica because we could not find a ferret sitter. Maybe she will write a book about her adventure. 
If you are interested in viewing other photos from this event, you can check out my flickr stream


Mo said…
How exciting!I think it's awesome that you went, I always say life IS an adventure...
Rachel said…
That is so cool that y'all got to do that! And your photo is neat!
Kate said…
Wow! A photo to treasure. Thanks for the wonderful coverage of the event. Hat off to you; now I'm on m way to your flickr site.
Lynette said…
Fantastic! I am tickled that y'all got to go and that the weather did not delay the launch!

About the gin fizz, it was the first one I've ever had--tart, then sweet on the back side. A very nice warm weather drink.
Madge said…
Congratulations on being able to get there and experience this last launch... wish I could have!
cieldequimper said…
Wow, you caught it!

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