Gator Tales

Sunning on a log. 
Whenever I go to Florida, I always looks for gators and have never seen one. My main reason for the boat cruise on the St Johns River was because they mentioned gators in their information. As you can see, I was not disappointed. As a general rule, I am not fond of reptiles, so I don't understand this fascination with gators. We also saw several active nests and some baby gators, but because of the size it was difficult to get a good focus on them. 


Jacob said…
You did good here! If you want to see lots of gators, visit Shark Valley which is on the old Tamiami Trail west of Miami about 10's a national park with a 15-mile paved loop. We've been there many times, riding our bikes around the loop. We usually see a lot of gators but one day was special...we counted 150! And some were sunning themselves in the middle of the road so we had to ride around them. I pedaled fast!
cieldequimper said…
Not a fan either but good shot!

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