Morning Briefing

In 1931 the American National Red Cross issued its second charter for a life preserving organization to the Daytona Beach Red Cross Life Saving Corps. Composed of 30 young men trained in lifesaving and first aid, this volunteer corps protected 3 miles of beach, compiling daily records of the number of bathers, weather, first aid and rescues. By 1972 the Volusia County Beach Patrol became one of the nation’s most highly trained surf lifesaving rescue units. 
Highlights of Daytona Beach Lifeguards: 
  • Includes Volusia County Beach Patrol’s many visitors, averaged at 10 million annually 
  • Features the 47 continuous miles of Atlantic coastline, which holds the dubious honor of the shark bite capital of the world 
  • Explores the area’s average of 3,000 rescues made annually 
  • Shows the lifeguards of Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, New Smyrna Beach and Volusia County


Birdman said…
Briefing... don't let anyone drown today!
Jacob said…
Hi Barb! Wow, I love the new look of your blog! And your photos are superb.

I'm going to be post occasionally until I can get back full-time.

Obviously, you spent some time in Florida recently. Would have loved to have seen you when you came through Ocala. Next time, let me know.

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