Elvis Fans are Everywhere

On August 16, it will be 34 years since Elvis passed away, but time has not diminished the love his fans still have for him. I caught this homage to Elvis on the road to Cocoa Beach a few weeks ago. 
Are you Elvis Yay or Nay?


Steffe said…
That would be a Nay for me. But Elvis is still the King for many people in Sweden. We have a unique subculture called Raggare, and in that group Elvis has always been number one and I have met and portrayed many of his fans the last three years.
cieldequimper said…
Actually yay. His voice was brilliant. This truck is fun!
Jacob said…
I never did understand Elvis mania and I grew up with him (we were born the same year, I think ... or close)...

Still, I guess he had a certain charm.

Some folks have a hard time letting go. :-)

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