The New Clock

As part of the street-scaping project in Phenix City, they added a town clock. I like it, but apparently some members of the community think the money could have been better spent on other things. What those other things are I have no idea. Like I said, I like the clock.


Jack said…
I'm with you. I like the clock, too, and sometimes a little bit of money needs to be spent on making the built environment attractive. Our cities would be very bland if only the barest minimum were spent on them.
cieldequimper said…
And I love the way you framed it!
Jacob said…
There are always those who think what was done should have been done a different way - their way, usually. I'm glad this "time" Phenix City stood up to them! It's a nice clock and adds a lot.
Jacob said…
Oh, I also wanted to say I like your header photo featuring your "new" car...I wonder if it was terribly expensive to have it shipped from the UK?
Anonymous said…
The clock gives the town character. It makes it look homey and inviting. People drive by, see that clock, and decide to stop and have a bite to eat and a look around and before you know it the economy has been boosted. That's what you can tell the naysayers. LOL! - I like the way you framed the clock with the fuchsia crape myrtle by the way.
It's been a great year for crepe myrtles, hasn't it? They are such a colorful show.

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