Patterson by the Boat Load

Looking for something to read at Judy Bug Books. 
I was blurry-eyed trying to find something by Patterson that I haven't read.
I did walk out with a book by Nora Roberts writing as JD Robb...Origins in Death.


Lynette said…
I like reading his books--I get them at Goodwill. I have to keep a list on those I already have on my iPhone, or I will surely buy one (or more) that I already have! I do the same thing with Greg Isles, Michael Connelly, Lawrence Block, and James Lee Burkes' books.
Birdman said…
Can ya beat a fine book on a summer afternoon? What a way to blow the day.
Jacob said…
I've got a few of Patterson's books that I've not read...I'd send them to you but it sounds like there isn't much of him you haven't read!

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