Carriage Step and Hitching Post

738 Broadway
Now, I realize that this is not the greatest shot, with raindrops on the filter and the sky is overexposed. The weather was bad and I was getting wetter by the second, but I wanted to show this carriage step and hitching post. Both appear to be made of granite. I have seen these 'blocks of granite' before, but I never made the connection until I was standing in the rain on this day.


Grant said…
I would have never made the connection. Really cool though.
Lynette said…
Serendipity's a fabulous thing! Thanks for sharing yours with us.
Anonymous said…
The first thing that I thought of is "Meet Me in St. Louis". How neat that those are still there and in front of a Victorian house!
Anonymous said…
Hmmm... not sure I would have either... but it makes perfect sense. I've seen similar 'high' steps in a carriageway (if that's what they're called) on old Victorian homes that haven't been extensively remodeled and thought to myself, 'why on earth is that first step so tall?' Well, they were getting out of a carriage, not stepping up from the ground...

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