Chalk Maple(?)

This might be a Chalk Maple, but I really can't be sure. I could not get close enough to check the leaf shape (along the river bank and I was walking before work). It is larger than most of the descriptions that I can find for the Chalk Maple, about 50 feet tall. They are found in Georgia and Alabama. The white bark certainly catches the eye amid all the green.


Whatever it is, the tree is sure a beauty. Thank you so much for your comments on Greensboro Daily Photo. We both promote small communities. Not as popular as the big cities but important, nevertheless!!!

Have a great week, Barb.

Jacob said…
Gorgeous, Barb. I would have guessed it was some kind of birch. In Colorado it could pass as an aspen! :-)
Jacob said…
Thanx for the memories. I was going to title the turtle post with that very phrase: Is it real or is it Memorex, but I couldn't remember the name Memorex. :-) Senior moment.
Gigi said…
Really pretty tree, thanks for sharing! I always see God in the details of a Tree.
Virginia said…
Well i've been around here a long long time and never heard of a chalk maple! Do tell!
Anonymous said…
Yep, I've never heard of a chalk maple either. How cool! I'll have to go and look them up.

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