Construction Entrance

You may remember that the Chattahoochee River is being restored to its natural flow. Part of the reason for the restoration is that the dams (used to power the textile mills back in the day) have outlived their usefulness and are dangerous. Apparently, Phenix and Eagle Mills dam is structurally unsound. The P&E dam is below this construction site and this crew will be responsible for tearing apart the P&E dam in this first phase and City Mills dam in the second phase; estimated to take up to 18 months. I showed you a shot of the construction road a couple of days ago. Stay tuned, I don't have any choice but to keep my eye on this project : ) I have to drive by it every day on my way to work. 
Fixed focal length, day seven


Jacob said…
I like the idea of a "construction entrance." They used to have one here in Stone Creek but then abandoned it and now the trucks use our regular roads which makes things noisy and smelly!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
It's going to be interesting to watch the progress of this project.
Anonymous said…
It looks like a traffic jam! I sure would hate it for the guy in the white truck if it was!
Jimmy said…
Lol, looks a bit like a recreational place. :D And yes, the other bit is a traffic jam.

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