Construction Road, Part 2

It was overcast today and 77 degrees so I thought I would take a ramble across the bridge during lunch to see what's been happening at P&E dam. Today was the official 'ribbon cutting' for the construction on the white water kayaking runs on the Chattahoochee river, but there wasn't much construction activity at this time. They were probably at lunch too : ) You can see the road that the crew built to get the big equipment out into the river to do the work. Yup, they built that road right though the ancient fishing grounds of the Native Americans that lived in this area back in the day. 
The first phase will 'construct' the two kayak runs. One, on the Alabama side of the river, is existing, but they will 'make it better'. That run will come through right about where those drainage pipes are and off to the right of the frame. You can just see the riverbed, now dry; at least until later today when they let the water flow again over the dam. They will also build a run on the Georgia side of the river. 
Phase two will remove the P&E dam piece by piece. From what I understand, they will document the entire deconstruction of the dam photographically. Apparently, they are really interested in its construction. 


Lynette said…
Well, shoot. Making it better for some reasons can ruin it for others, can't it? Did they pick up and move those wonderful rocks? Or just pulverize them?
Anonymous said…
Oh no, about covering the rocks! Hopefully, it is just temporary. I am very interested in seeing how everything turns out! I rafted on the river that runs through Columbia, South Carolina and it was such a treat to do something so outdoorsy in an urban area. I bet this is going to be a great economic boost. People love stuff like this and it makes them want to be in the area to walk, to eat, to shop, to sit and read, to propose marriage, to picnic, to bring their children. It is going to be a great thing overall.
Jacob said…
I think you will be having some great times kayaking when this is all finished!

By the way, I have no idea what an olive burger is! Maybe I'll check it out the next time we're in Cedar Key.
Jeff said…
What Lynette said:
"Making it better for some reasons can ruin it for others, can't it?"

Good documentation...

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