Country's [BBQ] Caters Great Steaks

Catering for any occasion. Here you see the economy, mid-line, and deluxe models. I have seen each of these catering vehicles around town, usually at public events. I mean it's not a party without BBQ on your plate and a beer in your hand. Have a nice weekend. 


Randy said…
Love that little Vega wagon!
Lynette said…
I like my BBQ with a glass of sweet iced tea and some potato salad.
Birdman said…
... and calories! hahahaha
Jacob said…
Terrific pic, Barb! Have you tasted their bbq? I would probably like it, but Lois Anne, being a vegetarian, might look askance at such cuisine! :-)

Re your comment on Ocala: That may well have been a motel years ago - It's on Highway 441 and there are still tons of old motels up and down the road. I'm going to try to check it out.
Anonymous said…
I love how you ranked them! What a cool idea! I think it would be neat to have that big one serving bar-b-que at a wedding reception on a farm. So fun!
Jeff said…
I'll take one pulled pork plate and a cold beer. :)

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