Lawn Mower Not Needed

733 1st Avenue, Columbus
I was really drawn to this little pink house with the blue shutters. No need to cut the grass in this yard with all the greenery. They also had at least three cats, but they ran off when I stopped to take this photo. 
Fixed focal length, day five 


Randy said…
I think it's beautiful.
Grant said…
it is very lovely. might expect some exitic creature to show up,
Jeff said…
I could do without a lawn mower myself. :)

Nice yard.
It is very attractive. Is this what is called a "cottage garden"?
Anonymous said…
I LOVE this place! You can tell by looking at it that whoever lives there MUST be a kindred spirit. It makes me happy just to see it. Thanks for sharing it! Seeing places like that makes me feel all cozy inside and I love that you mentioned the cats. That makes it even better! - One of L.M. Montgomery's characters could live there. Miss Lavender and Miss Patty come to mind!

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