Paddling the Chattahoochee

We went for a paddle on the Chattahoochee river yesterday. The temperature was in the 60's with a nice breeze. We started at Uchee Creek on Ft. Benning. The river was calm and the 2.5 miles we paddled upstream was a good stretch for beginners (which we are). Our total round trip of 5 miles took us approximately 2 hours. We rent our equipment for right now, but if we decide that this is an activity that we want to continue, we will buy some kayaks.
Spotted: Pond Sliders (turtles), Great Blue Heron, Belted Kingfisher


Jeff said…
Lovely, peaceful image.
I hope you enjoy this new activity. I take it these were single kayak? My wife and I paddled a double kayak once and we looked like one of those comical bickering couples completing a task on The Amazing Race. Single kayaks for us next time. :)
mark said…
Looks like fun day.
Jacob said…
Hmmm...that appears to be just too much fun! Lois has been after me to go kayaking and I've balked, but you may have changed my mind! And 60 degrees is about perfect.

Beautiful photo, too!
Rachel said…
That is so cool! The river restoration project seems to already be boosting the morale, economy and quality of life for your community. I am so glad that y'all had an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful day on the water!

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