Refurbishing Building 4

With the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) there was an influx of cash, soldiers and tanks at Ft Benning. This is the base headquarters building for the post. It is not a new building, but the facade was completely 'refinished'. The fountains are new, as is this sculpture, but all TOM could tell me was that his name is Pete. He represents the Armored Division that is moving/moved here from Fort Knox, Kentucky. Fort Benning is not just the 'Home of the Infantry', it is also the 'new ' home of the tanker school. 
Correction: The Sculpture is named 'Old Bill".


Randy said…
Nice looking building.
Jacob said…
Very impressive! And I'd bet it's even more so when all the flags are flying!

Excellent photo, too!
Anonymous said…
I like the angle that you chose and the photo is so sharp front to back. That IS a nice place. Funny that the guy on the horse is just known as "Pete".

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