Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Torture Chamber

My own personal torture chamber. Strange, but I actually enjoy exercise when I can talk myself into it.


Jacob said...

Uh oh! I can't let Lois Anne see this! She had a treadmill at our house in Ocala but we sold it. We ordered another one from Dick's a couple of weeks ago. It arrived broken and the guy couldn't fix it...he also messed a couple of doors getting it inside.

What a mess. We finally got it out of here and our money back. No more treadmills for awhile!

But good for you. That's a nice setup!

Rachel said...

This is scary! What I am most afraid of is what looks like a rack on the left side there!

Lynette said...

You've got it all fixed up, don't you? I wonder which one I would like--maybe the rowing machine. That is a rowing machine on the left? No space, though, so I'll continue to walk a mile Monday through Friday, either on my way to work or on the way home.