Under the Bridge

I have been wanting to get a secondary camera for a while; one that can easily be taken in a pocket or purse. Today, I finally went to Best Buy at lunch and picked one out. I took it for a road test this afternoon. I still have to figure out all the menu options, etc. but for the most part I am satisfied with my purchase. 
This shot was taken under the bridge on 280/431, aka Victory Drive. I was surprised by all the tires, but the scent of the kudzu blooms make up for it.
Have a nice weekend everyone!


Randy said…
I have been tempted to get a point and shoot too. Nice photo.
Jimmy said…
Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner, sometimes I feel like my only friend...

call USA
Jacob said…
Interesting shot. We've got several point-and-shoots 'cause they're so easy to tote...the best one by far is our Canon S95. (I hear the S100 is out now or will be soon.)

And p&s's do a great job - witness this photo. Look at all that kudzu! Yikes!
Anonymous said…
That is a cool place! It would be a nice spot to do some interesting senior portraits or engagement photos. I like the structure and the kudzu! I didn't know that kudzu blooms had a scent. Wow! I learn something new every day!

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