Watching the World Go By

I have posted this sculpture before, but I like the angle that I got as I was driving by. If you are looking at this sculpture from the front the yellow man is wearing Mickey Mouse ears. When I see this, it just makes me happy. The colors are fun as is the point of the piece; to be happy and have fun. So, go have some fun. 


Lynette said…
An incredible photo of what sounds like one of your favorite sights to see. I like that sculpture a whole lot, and the blue sky with the big clouds set it off very well. I like the building on the right, too. Thanks!
I agree with Lynette:

Perfect with the blue sky and white clouds. You should photograph it from the same spot once a season.
Randy said…
Very cool sculpture. Great sky too.
Anonymous said…
What a happy color for a sculpture and a happy day!
You have skies like ours today - blue skies with bright billowy clouds.
Jacob said…
It's no doubt meant to be a happy piece - considering the colors and the funky "chair" ... I imagine lots of folks smile as they go by.
Jacob said…
Me your comment on Florida Fotos: The Rainbow River is a prime spot in these parts for'll often see numerous colorful kayaks plying the waters!

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