You Scream, I Scream ...

... we all scream for frozen yogurt! Doesn't sound the same, but it was just as delicious. This is the culmination of Team Appreciation Week (TAW) for the company that I work for and this year, for our 'team' activity, we headed to the frozen yogurt shop, Chill. For $.45 an ounce you can indulge in a tasty frozen treat with you choice of toppings
What a great way to start the weekend, Have a great one : - )


Jacob said…
I agree about a great way to start the weekend...or just about anything!

I like frozen yogurt better than most ice cream (except for Blue Bell - nothing beats Blue Bell, from the little creamery in Texas!)...
Rambling Round said…
OH, I love frozen yogurt. None around here except at the grocery store though.

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