1st Haircut ...

... in almost 4 years. We were glad to take our son Jeremy to the salon for a haircut today. It has been almost 4 years since he had a 'real' haircut. The last I can remember is in 2007 for my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary (he cut it then for his G'pa). The young lady with him is Latoya and she was nervous because she had never cut that much for a single client before. She took 12.5 inches that we will send to Locks of Love.
Combing the pony tail.
The first cut.
That wasn't so bad : )


Steffe said…
That is a long time. I visit my barber every five or six weeks!
Jacob said…
Good for Jeremy! I'm sure that wasn't easy for him, but he's handsome young man. And he could be in danger from some of the young women in the area!

Re your comment on Images about "downloading." I didn't understand that...it's just a pair of my reading glasses on some music on our piano. :-)
Congratulations to Jeremy. While it is always a tough decision, men reach an age where it is just time to admit shorter hair is more appropriate. Bless the stylists heart, that could not have been easy for her.
Anonymous said…
How awesome to donate it to Locks of Love! That was so thoughtful!

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