Are You Ready ...

... for fall? I know I am, but it went from summer to winter in the space of a day. What happened to a nice transition from one to the other. Weather that goes from 90 degrees one day to 40 degrees the next day is for the birds. 


Randy said…
Too cute. I've been ready since it snowed here a few weeks ago.
Anonymous said…
Those scarecrows are so cute! - No, I was not ready for fall. I didn't want to let go of summer. I never do. But then I realized one day as I was walking around outside that I wasn't sweating, and I have been a happy greeter of fall ever since. I know that summer will come again!
Lowell said…
I think fall is over. Now the stores are filling up with Xmas junk. But we had a quick transition, also. And I read where we may have a colder than usual winter. Not what I want to hear, as it means several nights in the 30s.

Re your question: No, we're not riding. I kinda wish, but I think I'm too old. That was taken awhile back on one of our road trips.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
The weather seems to be going crazy, remember when there were long lazy changes between seasons to get you acclimatized! now it's just wham!! Lat Sunday it was 35C here in Perth and the next day 22C..go figure!!
Amazing, reading about everyone's weather around the world. We are experiencing a heat wave, I personally am not thrilled about. Where is that crisp air that just says "fall"?
Halcyon said…
It's already pretty cool here in Canada, although it is fall-ish. I really like this scarecrow. She's cute!

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