It does a body good.


cieldequimper said…
I used to eat lots of bran.

I tried to take a similar photo (not bran though, lol) in Moscow, Idaho last Sept. It made it to the bin!!
Rachel said…
Love the photographic reminder! This should be framed and hung in the kitchen. So cheerful and not pushy at all! - I went over to my Mom's house early in the morning to pick her up for an outing and a bowl of raisin bran was on the counter. My grandmother stated many times, in a very concerned voice, that my mother should not go anywhere before she had her bran. I just thought it was so cute how she was overseeing my Mom's intestinal health. LOL!
Lowell said…
By George, I think there's some truth in that. Love those old buildings with the faded lettering. Nice shot!
Jeff said…
Wonderful composition.

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