Chattahoochee River...Sandbar

It doesn't take long for nature to start taking over. I was down at the river today...actually in the river walking out on the sandbars, bit of a strange experience. Wildflowers, soft green mosses, and other grasses are growing in the absence of the flowing Chattahoochee River.
Next time I go down there, I will have to take a goodie bag. I found several interesting glass shards, old pottery, even a fishing lure. My pockets were so heavy, I started to lose my drawers : )


Lowell said…
Sounds like you need a chest of drawers!

Isn't it fun to scavenge? One of my favorite activities. I'll be there's a ton of stuff buried there.

Love this photo. One of my photographic mentors told me long ago that if you want good flower pictures, get down low and shoot across...

You did this perfectly and it's beautiful!
Anonymous said…
LOL about your pants starting to sag and drag. Did you see anything that might be an arrowhead? I bet that would be a great place to find some! Love the yellow flowers! So cheerful!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Nicely composed Barbara, blue and yellow are the perfect combination. Sounds like a backpack could have saved you almost losing your 'drawers' haha!
cieldequimper said…
Lol!!! Sounds almost like beachcombing. Except that there you wouldn't be wearing drawers!

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