Cooler Weather ...

... is apparently good for the roses. I like their color against the weathered fence.
Hopefully, tomorrow I will have some shots of the Coca Cola Science Center or maybe the Pemberton house to share with you. Or maybe even Minnie's (THE place in town for down home cooking). I hope they have a salad ... I can't eat that heavy stuff.


Lowell said…
I wish I had had a salad tonight instead of fajitas and French fries...ugh! Sure was good at the time, though!

This is very pretty...roses are one of my favorite flowers, but I especially like that bench. Did Tom make that? It's wonderful!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Love this shot, the vibrant pink roses look so good against the grey of the fence, and as Lowell said, that bench is lovely, perfect for this 'country' look.
Rachel said…
Lovely, lovely roses! I hope they smelled as beautiful as they look!

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