Dillingham Street Bridge

Dillingham Street Bridge from the Georgia side of the Chattahoochee River. Just behind is the railroad trestle. We hope to kayak under this bridge tomorrow and I will take the shot from another perspective. Have a great weekend. TGIF.


Jacob said…
Beautiful shot. I'd like to sit awhile on one of those benches and just drink in the scenery!

Good luck on your journey. Keep thy camera dry (the 11th commandment!)...
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Excellent composition bfarr, like the rail trestle seen through the arches and benches alongside. Enjoy your kayaking tomorrow, look forward to the pics.
Birdman said…
A fine place to stop and watch a river go by.
Jacob said…
I meant to say re your comment on Images that you know Pigeon Forge is only a few miles east of Gatlinburg, right? You were just yanking my chain, right?

But it was a funny sign...pigeons are such nuisances.
L.D. said…
Nice! Looking forward to hearing how the kayaking went.

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