Razor Blade Art

Arts on the River! is a cultural arts festival held each October in various locations near the Columbus 
Riverwalk overlooking the Chattahoochee River. The festival evolved from the Columbus Artists’ Guild’s Fall Arts Festival, held for many years in various locations around town. 
The art show is juried, in that representative work of all participating artists is reviewed to assure that the show remains fine arts only. Slides or photographs are required from first time exhibitors. The awards for the fine arts show have attracted the attention of artists throughout the southeast. A judge from outside the area is brought in to disperse the honors. Various media are encouraged and the show now accepts original computer art and fine art jewelry as well as the traditional forms of presentation. The result is a unique collection of paint media, photography, metal work, glass, hand thrown pottery, sculpture, and wood carving. Artists are encouraged to demonstrate their expertise during the show, and talk to interested persons, especially children.
This is a shot of Bob McGill from Nashville, TN. He won 'Best in Show' for his razor blade paintings.


Lowell said…
People like this impress the heck out of me. Such talent and skill! I'd love this show.

Our annual Ocala Arts and Crafts show is coming up this weekend...it's quite large and we always attend. Cedar Key's Seafood Festival was last weekend but we weren't able to make that this year.

I'll bet an artist like yourself had a blast at this art fair!
Grant said…
that is really cool... I'm gonna look into doing that myself.
Randy said…
Interesting art tool!
cieldequimper said…
That's something I would enjoy watching!
Nice over the shoulder shot... interesting, Santa Fe Daily Photo has posted a similar shot today...
Rachel said…
I would never in a million years have thought of painting with a razor blade. How cool! Artists are the neatest people, aren't they! And I do like the angle that you shot this at a lot.

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