A Simple Act of Kindness

In the fall of 1883, a hard working employee at the Eagle & Phenix Mills caught her skirt in a piece of machinery. As it ripped, her life savings fell to the ground. Realizing she felt the lining of her skirt the safest place to keep her valuables, factory executives offered to protect the money for her. News spread quickly and soon the majority of the workers asked for the same favor. William Young, G. Gunby Jordan, and W.C. Bradley worked closely with the employees and managed the process of the savings accounts. It was the beginning of a different kind of bank. One that wasn't founded solely on the purpose of financial gain, but on the simple acts of service and meeting individual needs. On October 31, 1888, the bank was chartered as the Third National Bank, then on December 29, 1888 as Columbus Savings Bank. Later, it would become Columbus Bank & Trust Company (CB&T). Every team member at CB&T, Synovus, and TSYS know this story.
CB&T and its holding company, Synovus, are the parents of the company that I work for TSYS (Total Systems Services, Inc.). TSYS spun-off from Synovus in 2007-2008 and is an independent company.
Sculpted by: George Goddard


A VERY different kind of bank. Great story, fun sculpture.
Randy said…
Nice post and photo!
cieldequimper said…
Lovely story and nice sculpture!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
This lovely sculpture is such a great way to remember the simple beginnings of a big company!
Lynette said…
Very interesting post! I wonder what she'd think of her sculpture? I think it's great!
Rachel said…
What a heartwarming story and I love that they made such a great sculpture to commemorate it! I would have never known about this if you hadn't posted it! That's what I love about CDP; I learn something new about different parts of the world everyday!
Virginia said…
Interesting story and I love the sculpture as well.
A beautiful sculpture and a fascinating story!

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