Today's Paddle

It was a nice day for paddle, although a bit on the cool side. We had some head winds also that made it a little more challenging. We were trying to make it to the dam, but we ended up turning back. We will have to try again tomorrow.


Lowell said…
What a wonderful day for a "paddle" and what a beautiful place. How far is it to the dam.

Maybe you need to wear your longjohns from Minnesota? :-)

Good luck tomorrow.

We went riding in our golf cart this evening but it was too cold so we came home. It's 69 with a breeze!
Randy said…
What a beautiful spot and beautiful photo!
Looks like a gorgeous spot for an outing...
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Oh you were so close, was that the dam you can just see ahead there! Oh well tomorrow is another day!
Looks like a gorgeous day and a lovely spot. Trust you had a great time.
Birdman said…
Well, I can dream!
Here? Lots of snow.
Rachel said…
That is a beautiful spot to paddle! And it is a lot less likely that a gator will get you when it is below 70 degrees. They just aren't that hungry when it is cold. Can't say the same for the sharks though. LOL!

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